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New brand... SCHA '22SS COLLECTION Ewa Kulasek(エヴァ・クラセク)によるドイツ ケルンの帽子ブランド SCHA デュッセルドルフのアカデミー・オブ・ファイン・アーツで絵画と彫刻を学んだ後、帽子・衣類製作をはじめる。 すべて天然素材を用い、デザイナーであるエヴァ・クラセクの小さな工房で一つずつ手作りされている。 伝統的なフォルムと現代的な軽やかさを併せ持ち、被る人や被り方、被る場所によってさまざまな表情を見せるハットを追求し続けるのです。 makes individuality visible in all its complexity. The hats can be combined with quite different dress styles, from casually sporty to classically elegant. Not a detail is left to chance. Choice materials are cast into elementary forms. ------------------------------------------------------- What is important about my hats: they are about form, they are about colour, they are about structure, they are not so much about decoration, they are about beauty, they are about simplicity, they are about reduction, they are about perfection, they are to play with. Most of my hats have many faces. It depends on the way you wear them. It depends on the way you combine them. Ewa Kulasek ------------------------------------------------------- made in Germany ※こちらは商品ではございませんのでご注意ください カートへは入れないで下さい。