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der antagonist デ アンタゴニスト / Coatコート / J5BLFL21/22



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der antagonist デ アンタゴニスト NO : J5BLAT21/22 ITEM : Coatコート TYPE : UNISEX SIZE : 1・2 COLOR : FLAX STOCK:1 (一点のみ) ※再入荷の予定はございません。 素材:麻(belgian linen)100% パイピング:綿(cotton)100% ※裏地無し ※北フランスやベルギーのフランダース地方で最高級と言われるベルギーヘビーリネンを使用しています。 付属: ボタン(coconut buttons) size 1 着丈:95cm 肩幅:44cm 身幅:54cm 袖丈:64cm 袖口幅:12.5cm 裾幅:60cm size 2 着丈:98cm 肩幅:46cm 身幅:58cm 袖丈:66cm 袖口幅:13cm 裾幅:61cm der antagonist hats and clothes handmade in germany der antagonist(デ・アンタゴニスト)は、デザイナーChristian Riegler氏による帽子と衣服のハンドメイドブランド。 天然繊維で作られたテキスタイルを使用することにより、個々の頭に完璧で便利なフィット感を作り出すために、材料研究とパターンデザインに多大な時間を費やしています。 ドイツのハイデルベルクにある彼のスタジオにて製品を一点一点オールハンドメイドにて生産・製作しています。 der antagonist creates artisan headwear and clothes to meet contemporary needs, without giving up reference to traditional craftwork. ​ The graduated fashion designer Christian Riegler apprenticed the trade of hat making from Italian milliners in the Tuscan countryside. By transferring these traditional skills into his own modern design, he revived an neglected cultural signifier of identity. ​ He distances himself from conventional hat-making, rethinking the original idea and developing a way to connect headpieces with clothing. The hat is no longer an isolated sturdy piece on the head and becomes integrated into the wearer's appearance without losing its common sculptural independence. ​ der antagonist’s approach combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technical know-how. der antagonist creates meticulous and elaborate handmade products, with a characteristic aesthetic of imperfection and a distinctive treatment and finish. ​ The philosophy manifests itself not in a solely decorative design but primarily in a puristic one. Clear lines ensure comfort and confidence to allow a daily use. Great effort has been made into material research and pattern design to create the perfect and convenient fit for each individual head by using textiles made of natural fibers. ​ der antagonist headwear is created similar to a piece of garment, therefore the logical further development of his vision was to design a compatible clothing collection in order to complete his aesthetic vision. ​ In times of increasingly fast-paced trends, der antagonist confronts, interferes and antagonizes the mainstream’s mass-consumption and produces timeless and sustainable products at his studio in Heidelberg, Germany. ※メンズ・レディース共にご着用頂けます。 ※ 製品誤差として1cm程度、表記サイズより異なる場合が御座います。おおよその目安とお考え下さい。 ※ 着用モデル158cm / size2着用 made in Germany