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MAVRANYMA / Organic Low Cotton Henley Long-sleeve / Mav-24005



  • size 46


  • size 48



MAVRANYMA マヴラニマ NO : Mav-24005 ITEM : Organic Low Cotton Henley Long-sleeve TYPE : men・women SIZE : 46・48 COLOR : OLD BROWN ※HAND DYED STOCK:1 ※再入荷無し 素材:綿(cotton) 100% ※オーガニックコットンガーゼ 付属:貝ボタン(shell) size 46 着丈:80cm ゆき丈 : 95cm 身幅 : 57cm 袖口幅:12.5cm size 48 着丈:82cm ゆき丈 : 98cm 身幅 : 61cm 袖口幅:13cm MAVRANYMA Italian brand Mavranyma was founded in 2012 by the designer ELIA FRANCINELLA. The name comes from two words: Greek mavros - "black" and Latin anima - "soul." The basis of the brand's DNA is a gloomy, ponderous aesthetic balanced by clean cut lines and a bare minimum of decorative elements. Restrained, but with the character of the Mavranyma collection - Italian avant-garde in its most laconic manifestation. ※お取り扱いの際は取り扱い絵表示をご確認の上、注意ください。アイロンは当て布を使用してください。少しずつ色合いが経年変化していく過程もお楽しみください。 ※ 1点1点手作業による風合いを大切にし、あたたかみのある製品を出荷させて頂きます。 ※生地の特性上、サイズに若干差がある場合がございますご了承くださいませ。 ※素材の特性上、多少縮む事がありますので、洗濯後は形を整えて干してください。 ※天然素材独特の糸フシやネップが残っている場合がございますが不良品ではございません。 ※こちらは手洗い可能な商品となります。 洗濯機に衣類の傷みを抑えてやさしく洗い上げる「おうちクリーニング」コースなどのデリケートな衣類専用のコースがあれば、洗濯機洗いが可能です。 ※着用モデル158cm / size 46 made in Italy ------------------------------------------------------- About Overseas Order Please send us the following information via email → [email protected] ・ [ Order information ] ・ [ Shipping information ] We will inform you the detail of your order and total amount. ・ [ Total amount ] Please confirm the details and amount and email us if you agree that. After, We will send you PayPal invoice. ------------------------------------------------------- How to ship We can send your order by DHL About DHL https://www.dhl.com/en.html How to order You can order only by email. Payment You can pay via PayPal. Return policy We can not accept returns and exchanges except the product which you received is a defective. If you find the fault, please contact us. [ Shipping information ] ・Your name : ・Shipping address : ・Phone number : ・E-mail After we confirm your payment, we will ship your order within 3-5 business days. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us via email. Thank you, and best cavane